At first there was nothing but an encounter and a deep, heartfelt love.

In the beginning all that was needed was one notebook to capture the many dreams, ideas and recipes, but pretty soon the passion had to leave the pages and go into the wide world.With the help of a lot dedication, diligence and commitment, the time has arrived.

Restaurant “The Neighbours” has celebrated its’ first birthday.

When entering the restaurant you will be greeted by the scent of our freshly baked bread with its’ crispy golden crust, the irresistible aroma of excellently made pizzas, baked in our furnace according to Italian recipes; a mix of magic and pasta, fragrant fresh salads and appetizers. All combined with carefully selected meat, fish,vegetariandishes and tempting desserts.

All meals are made from season specific ingredients, freshly deliveredon a daily basis or prepared by us.

The menu of the day is a combination of traditional Bulgarian and contemporary cuisine, all freshly made and different for every business day of the week.

And there is more…We offer qualitydrinks, such as: homemade rakia, Greek tsipouro, sparkling wine, cold beer, refreshing lemonade, jams, pickle, ljutenitsa- made by us according to old family recipes.

We at “The Neighbours” restaurant would be delighted if you make usYour number one choice when looking for a place to eat, sweeten up your day with a homemadedessert or have a cup of flavorful coffee. You are also more than welcome to organize your friend, family or business meetings at our restaurant.

The combination of well-prepared,delicious food and the soft music hoveringthrough the air above the lambent light in the stylish atmosphere of warmth and real woodwill bring you in a state of calmness and delight that you will never forget.

Our wish and aim are to make you feel cozy and comfortable. We don’t want to offer you just good food but also a special treatment.